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Tattoo of Reva

To leave

by GiErre »
2022, Jan 27th
HI-RES [jpg]


This Polynesian full sleeve tattoo was designed for Dian to integrate a tattoo he had on his shoulder while telling his story.

The main themes are the voyage that took him to a new country, his family, and his passions.

There are elements on the left that relate to his home country (with ancestors nearby) and to the voyage that took him to his new home along a path full of challenges (the path of Kamehameha), which he faced with strength and adaptability (spearheads and shark teeth) thanks to his skills (the adze, which is also a symbol of craftmanship) acquired following the path to knowledge (his studies), looking for balance and harmony (the Marquesan cross within a sun).
Spearheads and octopus tentacles representing tenacity and determination lead to his new freedom and success (the manta on top, surrounded by a sun), with a capital epsilon for his profession, guarded by the all-seeing eye and by the two tiki on the sides.
Fish hook and fish symbolize prosperity, and the lizard is a symbol of protection.

On the right, a volley ball is surrouned by people and a braid, representing all the friends he met while playing, with tiki eyes for protection.

The whole forearm is dedicated to his family: his wife and children are represented by the three turtles that have interlocked flippers to symbolize eternal union, while he is depicted as the warrior below, supporting them.

Each turtle includes elements that relate to each family member, like the flower of hibiscus, the hammerhead shark, and the frangipani flower.

The row of birds above family is for their common passion for travelling while stepping stones at the wrist symbolize all the things learnt and achieved, which form the base of Dian´s present life.

The colored legenda below helps identifying the individual elements within the tattoo:
Polynesian full sleeve tattoo


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