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Art & Action shots


Have you got a special, artistic or in action photo where your tattoo is visible (or even partly visible)?
Send it together with another one where the tattoo is visible in detail and you can be featured in this special section too!

Look at the photos below and SET YOUR CREATIVITY FREE!

52 Actionshots published:

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Vanessa mixed Polynesian backpiece tattoo
Barbara - Soul tattoo tattoo
Veronica Leal fertility frog tattoo tattoo
ElBlake - Lovers butterfly tattoo
Gypsyy - swallow tattoo
Gypsyy - Healing lotus tattoo
Juliana - G+L+L heart tattoo
Millie - M butterfly tattoo
Millie - M+M heart tattoo
Francesco - Trittico tattoo
Marie - manta tattoo
Millie - Giraffe tattoo
Millie - Froggie prince tattoo
Belen Lavallen - Ankh+E tattoo
Sarah - frog tattoo tattoo
TattooTanne - Floral tattoo
TattooTanne - Kim spinal tattoo
TattooTanne - Kim tattoo
TattooTanne - Safira tattoo
Jakub - Infinity hearts tattoo
Matteo Mazzotti tattoo
Max - Hui in progress tattoo
Jenna Kelley - Emperor penguin tattoo
Lauren Kaplow - Musical heart tattoo
Craig Maynard - Kahupeka tattoo
Marco Carta - Treble Clef tattoo

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