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Seahorse tattoo photo
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Patience and strength

December 11th, 2008
  Author: GiErre

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Seahorses symbolize patience, as they let the stream move them from place to place without struggling, slowly, and tenacity for the way they keep hanging to the kelp by their tails when they decide to stop.

The wings of this seahorse copy the traditional motif for the hammerhead shark, which symbolizes strength and determination.

Korus symbolize rebirth.

Originally requested by Emily.

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seahorse hammerhead shark koru patience tenacity strength determination rebirth Emily

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 I keep looking at this one, it draws me in...I´m hoping you´ll draw one with finer lines so I can go have it done on my shoulder! 
  by gigi
 I have it in my left ankel. I felt in love with it! 
  by Eliane
 I have this one on my right hip... it felt feminine but strong to me. I would like another style of seahorse for my left hip.. possibly the polynesian one.. but it feels a little to masculine for me.I just love the wings on this seahorse!! 
  by crystal lee marie
 I have this one, to! On the right back...  just LOVE this tatoo, it was the love for the first sight! ;-) 
  by Sweetest perfection
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