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Polynesian seahorse tattoo photo
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Polynesian seahorse
Tenacity, protection

April 13th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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The seahorse is a symbol of perseverance and patience. We added other elements to integrate the meaning: manta (freedom, elegance and protection), fern (maturity), waves (continuity through change), fish hooks (abundance and wealth), lizard (luck, life) made by a twist (eternal love and bond), turtle shell (navigator, family), koru (new beginning).

Requested by Catie.

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seahorse hippocampus fern lizard manta waves turtle hei matau tenacity strength patience freedom luck family new beginning abundance wealth

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 A new wonderful one ! You´re a great artist Gi ! 
  by Te arata‘i ataata
 Me encantan los caballos....y este es genial !!!!  Muy trabajado y muy guapo ;-D 
  by sole
 This is my first tattoo i have had put on my calf and it looks fantastic.It only took 1 hour i have had it done for my 50th birthday treat. 
  by Angela
 This is also going to be my first tattoo as well! I love sea horses and this tattoo design has meaning. The qualities are qualities that I want to have in myself and my everyday life. It is very inspirational and im so glad I found it! 
  by Ciara
 Wonderful, with so much meaning to me and my family! 
  by Carol
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