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Frog tattoo photo
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Healing, transformation

February 25th, 2009
  Author: GiErre

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Frogs are sacred animals to many peoples. They symbolize healing, transformation and fertility. Frogs spend most of their life in the water, element that represents fertility all around the world, and the first frogs singing announce the coming of Spring and the renewal of earth.

Hanna requested a climbing frog.

Jumping frog baby bodyJumping frog baby bodyKids design by TattooTribes
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frog water polliwog cure healing transformation renewal fertility

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 I got this gorgeous frog done on my tummy yesterday and I can´t stop looking at it! It looks fantastic. I have it sort of climbing towards my belly button it looks so cute. Thanks for the design!   
  by Mirka
[TT: ...just got us curious to see it! :) ]
 cool tat using it as a stencil 
  by kris
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