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Tattoo of Awhina


by GiErre »
2010, Mar 26th
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This design tells of a rebirth. From the past, placed on the back, going to the future on the front of the hip.

From the past, the first elements are a morey eel and opposing waves surrounding a spiral. Waves sometimes are used to represents the other world, and death, as we did in this case by drawing them oriented towards the past against the life path. The eel represents bad spirits and difficulties, meaning that after Elena lost her father she got stuck in an innerbound spiral she seemed not to be able to get free of.

But she found the strength to go on (shark teeth) ´till she met a man (the meeting spirals and the enata; the letter M from his name is enclosed inside the enata symbol) who helped her changing her life (the waves that go in the right direction) finding again peace, positivity (the sun; and Elena means bright) and beauty, shelter (the frangipani flower).

The hand of the tiki and the two eyes (opposed to each other to protect from every side) are potection symbols that will guard her during these changes. The twist symbolizes their eternal union and love, enclosing an expanding spiral (eternity) and a koru (new life).

The ending pattern of shark teeth symbolizes strength and adaptability that will help her through every future change.

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finally the book to understand and create Polynesian tattoos!

Thanks for sharing your knowledge! I have been searching the whole net to find something like this!! - Paul Davies, WA

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