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Tattoo of Ki taurangi


by GiErre »
2010, Jun 14th
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This Polynesian styled ankle band was requested by Nick as a special wedding "ring". He and his wife to be are going to marry in Hawaii and for this reason we incorporated some traditional motifs from those islands. In particular, the two slightly different bands feature a traditional motif that is usually tattooed on the outer leg, the male version in the upper design and the female version in the lower one.

The two turtles inside the sun represent Nick embracing and protecting his wife, and the blank inner space was left to be there for a baby in the future; the sun itself symbolizes eternity and joy.

Tikis symbolize protection and they should meet on the back of the ankle to guard the shoulders.

Birds are symbols of freedom and they represent watching the world from a different point of view... which happens undoubtedly in merriage; two following birds also symbolize that help will always be given to each other. The row of flying fish and the fish hook are symbols of prosperity and abundance.

The flax leaves represent family and union, and the sun is composed by shark teeth to symbolize adaptability and strength.

The darker triangle on the left contains the headletters of Nick and of his wife, as a seal to their promise.

The Polynesian Tattoo Handbook 1 & 2 by TattooTribes
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finally the book to understand and create Polynesian tattoos!

I have skimmed through the book and become so very interested in the contents... Very good and suitable for a self-education in Tattoo-ology! - Anne, London

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