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Kitesurfer tattoo photo
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Joyful warrior

October 13th, 2010
  Author: GiErre

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The tiki (protection, fertility) represents a divinity on the surfboard riding a wave, and it holds here the ropes connected to a kitesurfing parachute.

The ropes to the kite are made of braids (representing unity) and spearheads, which symbolize strength, courage, the warrior, very similar in spirit to a kitesurfer running the wind and the waves as a joyful warrior.

The manta on top represents the beauty and freedom of this, and the sun encircling it all is for eternity, joy and positivity.

The turtle represents family, protected by the two tikis on the front flippers, and connected to the kitesurfer by the two chasing birds, which symbolize that help will always be guaranteed among them. The row of three enata (people) represents friends from the past, present and future.

The Marquesan cross on the turtle´s shell represents balance and union of the elements, and a sun surrounds it.

The hammerhead shark and the related motifs below represent tenacity, strength and determination, and are also a symbol of protection on the sea, while korus represent new life.

Requested by Anthony.

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surf kitesurf waves sea tiki manta turtle hammerhead shark marquesan cross birds sun enata braid spear heads warrior joy positivity eternity protection family friends help tenaci

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 far meen designs man ....hope i can draw lik that 1 day.. 
  by cook island hero
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