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Malie tattoo photo
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December 2nd, 2010
  Author: GiErre

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Malie means shark in Samoan.

Fontaine asked for the outline of a shark in Samoan style, to honour his origins.

We used both traditional and modern Samoan motifs to prepare it.

Modern ones are on the side fins: flax leaves on the left one (unity, family, for his son) and a flower on the right one (beauty, for his wife).

The rest is made of traditional motifs, among which centipedes (the warrior, fighting spirit, courage and tenacity), since he´s in the army, birds (freedom, leadership), caterpillar and pandanus, whose dried and pulverized leaves were used to help wounds cicatrize.

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shark flax leaves flower birds pandanus centipedes caterpillar samoa warrior soldier courage valiance tenacity leadership protection healing

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 beautiful work, truly inspired & original... everything a good tattoo should be 
  by tao4now
 Cool Design! Great website! 
  by Brendon
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