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Killer whale tattoo photo
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Killer whale
Swift, lethal

March 25th, 2008
  Author: GiErre

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Maoris consider whales, especially whan portraited together with their calf, a symbol of family. Haida people hold the killer whale as a very powerful totem, a symbol of swiftness and lethal attack. You´ll find two versions in the attachments: one closer to reality and one "lighter", with smaller black areas.

Design requested by Christian.

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killer whale orca swift lethal attack Christian

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 I have been searching for a killer whale tattoo a long time. This one is shaped correctly and not cartoon like, Something hard to find. Thank you! 
  by Brettney
 i really like the meaning of this one. Going to definitely get it done next paycheck... 
  by Austinius Prime
 Great design! I´m gonna get it done! 
  by stussyroyce187
 Love it 
  by keiko_stefy
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