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Tamāhine tattoo photo
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March 13th, 2017
  Author: GiErre

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This pec tattoo represents the bond between Alessandro and his daughter, symbolized by the warrior holding up his daughter inside of a sun.

The killer whale below, hanging over a row of capsized enata, symbolizes how he will always protect her from any enemy and danger.
The two chasing birds enforce the meaning of always being present when help is needed.

Spear heads along the left side symbolize the warrior who faces every trial and challenge with tenacity and determination, represented by the path of Kamehameha next to them, while the standing stones at the base are for the things learnt and achieved upon which he built his present life.

Waves represent life and change, the adze is for skill and dexterity and shark teeth are for adaptability and protection.

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father warrior killer whale sun waves adze spear heads path protection daughter help support family fighter tamahine

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 I am really inspired by the whole in depth meaning of the tattoo and honestly relate to it on a whole other level. i would love to either get mine created or use that as my reference  
  by Daejon
[TT:Thanks for your kind words! We publish each design to give inspiration for creating new personal designs, so you're welcome to use it as a reference- and if you want your own created, we have a free lottery to try your luck winning it, or you can order it. Bot options are here: custom tattoos.
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