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Tattoo of Matua


by GiErre »
2016, Aug 6th
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Right in the center of this tattoo requested by Dimitris, along the axis of simmetry from bottom to top, there are a seahorse, a turtle and a sun.

The seahorse represents the father protecting the family (the turtle) from adversities in the past (the path of the Kanehameha), faced by the hammerhead shark for tenacity while the spear heads in the future symbolize the warrior, strength and courage.
A lizard is for good luck and a Marquesan cross for harmony and balance.

The front flippers of the turtle are made of tiki for protection on all sides.
The turtle has a koru inside of its shell to represent new life, surrounded by a maorigram of the initials of Dimitris´s children.

The sun above is for eternity and joy and it encloses two couples of chasing birds to symbolize that help and support will always be granted to them.

The braid near the spear heads symbolizes this union lasting in the future.

The other sun in front of the seahorse has an all-seing eye in the middle to keep away all evil and it´s made of coconut leaves for prosperity.

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finally the book to understand and create Polynesian tattoos!

Now I know what my next tattoo will look like! Thank you! - Jon, Shangai

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