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Maori armbands tattoo photo
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Maori armbands
Traditional motifs

April 17th, 2008
  Author: picchio

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This sheet represents some traditional Maori patterns, which can be used as armbands.
The grey colouring was chosen as they should not be filled with plain black, but the separate elements should be inked like it was done in the following image:

traditional Maori motifs

From top to bottom, the four motifs represent:

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armbands traditional motif mangopare mangotipi ngaru patiki white pointer shark hammerhead shark waves flounder resistence strength agility speed hospitality maori

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 hi picchio, i saw the photo of a maori armband (i believe it´s a mangopare), and i was wondering if you know someone in the netherlands that does these tatoos. also, wat is the meaning of the patern on the backround? i´ve been thinking about this tatoo for quit some time now, but only the symbel of the mangopare seens so basic. therefore i like the backround very much. best regards, michel van den 
  by michel van den akker
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