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Tattoo of Fa'amamalu

To protect

by GiErre »
2019, Jul 2nd
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This full sleeve tattoo piece extending onto pec and shoulder blade was prepared for Peter and it includes elements reflecting his Samoan and Aimoré descent.

The black bands over the bicep recall the armbands worn by Amazon tribal warriors, like the motifs between them and centrally on the shoulder.

The main themes in this tattoo piece are family and bonds, as an ever present force, and the warrior spirit that guided Peter through his life to reach where he is now.
Prosperity is another theme represented, especially relating to present and future, while the past includes more elements related to finding a path and following it with tenacity and perseverance.
The row of birds show this voyage and the compass symbolizes direction while the stepping stones represent the things learnt and achieved.

Spearheads and centipedes are symbols for the warrior while the braided mat symbolizes protection.

Prosperity is symbolized by fish, net, pandanus leaves, trochus shells, which are also indicative of social status in Samoan tattooing.

This tattoo is completed by this part going on the ribcage, which joins the pec and shoulder blade parts together.

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This book is 4 star. This is a great reference book for those doing tatts from the Islands - Hiloman, Amazon

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