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Tattoo of Mumu

Valiant warrior

by GiErre »
2017, Jul 12th
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This full sleeve tattoo extending onto pectoral and shoulder blade represents a warrior, a fighter by trade and by soul who is not afraid of facing any challenge with his fighting spirit and determination.

In the center of the shoulder we kept an existing bull, integrating it with more elements adding up to its meaning.
There are a shark for adaptability and strength, a hammerhead shark for determination and tenacity, a manta for freedom and a lizard as a symbol of good luck and health.

The tiki on the pec and on the sleeve are symbols of protection, like the all seeing eye on the shoulder blade guarding the back.

The warrior on top represents Fausto, for whom this tattoo was prepared, together with spear heads and centipedes supporting the bull against enemies.

Other symbols used, like the birds, fish and coconut leaves, symbolize voyages and prosperity.
Flax leaves symbolize family, the sun success and the stones at the base are lessons learned and goals achieved.

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finally the book to understand and create Polynesian tattoos!

The book is simply awesome... will definitely draw inspiration from it for my new tattoo - Ray, Kuala Lumpur

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