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Tribal fox tattoo photo
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Tribal fox
Cunning, transformation

May 5th, 2008
  Author: GiErre

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The fox is considered a magical animal, and symbolizes cunning and the ability to "become invisible", to adapt to the surrounding environment. In Eastern cultures the fox is able to transform into anything and is protean and uncatchable like fire. On account of this, we decided to prepare a version where the tail of the fox ends up in a burning flame.

Requested by Francesco.

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fox magic cunnung guile smartness transformatioh hidden invisible fire

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 omg ive been looking fer a tat, my first, that is like this´n. thank you 
  by cassidy hunt
 Did you have this fox tatooed on your body?  If so do you hav a picture of it. I am think of taking this tattoo for a while now. But first I would like to see the result.   
  by Rich
[TT: you can check our Virtualizer too and make it personal! :)]
  by randomj03
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