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Tattoo of Stingray

Forever family

by GiErre »
2012, Jan 6th
HI-RES [jpg]


This manta design was requested by Justin.

The central bigger turtle represents his wife: the shell is a Marquesan cross representing unity and balance, and since she´s the sun, moon and earth of the family we used these elements to form the front flippers... the right flipper is made of a moon whilst the left one is made of a sun (shark teeth, adaptability) and mountains (stability) surrounding a fish hook (prosperity).

The two back flippers form two twists with the front flippers of their children´s turtles; the two shells contain the maorigrams of their initials,T and X, and a spot which represents an island and symbolizes importance. Their back flippers are tiki hands for protection and korus (life, new beginning) are near their heads.

Two tikis are on the tips of the wings for protection on all sides and waves shape the upper and lower edges of the manta.

The tail is made of spear heads (the warrior, courage and strength) and the letters VMI are placed where the tail connects to the body of the manta. Just above VMI, between the two small turtles, we placed a mere, a short club used in war by chiefs, which represents honour (above the letters and the warrior).

The left wing of the manta includes a bigger fish hook for prosperity and protection on water (it has a tiki hand and a tiki eye inside) and has the all-seeing eye close to it to ward enemies off. The fish are for abundance.

The right wing of the manta includes a ipu (fertility), two birds chasing each other (help will always be granted to the dear ones) and a traditional lizard (good luck).


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I love it! TattooTribes rules as usual!! - Vishal, Kolkata

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