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Tattoo of Hautoa


by GiErre »
2013, May 22nd
HI-RES [jpg]


The mask of the warrior with his tongue stretched out in the middle of this tattoo requested by Dempsey represents defiance, a challenging warrior and we used the shark and hammerhead shark motifs in it (adaptability, strength and tenacity).

Below the warrior´s tongue starts the tail of a manta that was designed to make the greatest part of the armband and to reach to the lower edge (it symbolizes freedom, knowledge).

On the left of the manta we placed a turtle and on the right side we placed a gecko, which is a bringer of protection and health.

The turtle has a manaia on the shell, a guardian angel to bring protection to the family whilst the gecko has a sun for positivity and eternity.

The tips of the wings of the manta are two tikis looking on both sides to protect him from every direction.

Other elements we used are the standing stones at the base representing his achievements and the octopus tentacle on the tail of the gecko and on the front of the warrior, to symbolize tenacity, adaptability and intelligence.

The path of Kamehameha between the mask and the hammerhead shark represents a difficult path that leads to success if faced with strength and courage (the spear heads next to it) and the mountains between the mask and the shark on the left represent stability.

The people on the sides of the mask represent his friends always close to him and the motif over and around the mask represents his ancestors guarding upon him, surmounted by braids for family union and a second manta going above the shoulder



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