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Tattoo of Roger


by GiErre »
2013, Aug 5th
HI-RES [jpg]


In Maori styled designs, both black parts and blank spaces are equally important to convey a message; right on the shoulder there are 4 korus cut out of the design for the 4 elements of Roger´s family: the biggest one on the left is him, with the blank motif going down to the bottom of the tattoo in a design that represents change. This symbolizes how he passed through many changes and events in his life and ended with his close family; the koru on the right, touching his one, represents his wife and they both enclose and protect the two smaller korus representing their children.

The braid motif passing behind the korus symbolizes the union of the family, as threads woven into a braid are much stronger than the single threads alone.

On the pec we placed a manaia, a guardian spirit, to protect the family and always guard on it (the rito rito motif symbolizes family too).

The black profile on the back with blank circles is the octopus motif representing adaptability, resilience and intelligence. That and the line of spear heads represent the warrior, fighting for his family and for giving them prosperity (the big fish hook on the right).

The motif developing from the bottom left diagonally towards the fish hook is the hammerhead shark motif, which is related to strength, tenacity and sociality, showing how they all have an important role in his life having contributed to reach prosperity.

Waves appear in the armband part on the left and a stylized manta ison the right for the importance the sea has in his life and the fish scale on the hammerhead shark motif and within his wife´s koru are protective symbols for the ocean as well, whilst double spirals are for eternity.


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