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Tattoo of Lō kahi

Balance, unity

by GiErre »
2019, Oct 1st
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The main theme of this half sleeve and pec tattoo is balance between man and nature, unity, with voyage, ocean life and mountains being the main focus of the design.

The row of birds goes throughout the whole tattoo to represent many travels as well as the voyage of life, always trying to see the world from a different perspective.
Fish and waves represent the sea (with whale, hammerhead shark and manta) while mountains are for the land and birds for the air.

The hammerhead shark also symbolizes tenacity and determination, the warrior that faces every adversity (the path of Kamehameha) with courage and strength (the spearheads).
The whale symbolizes caring and nurturing and it is surrounded by motifs representing people to symbolize how people should support each other and work together in a caring environment.

A pangolin (a very trafficked and endangered species, to symbolize conservation) was incorporated in kirituhi style between shoulder and pec, with the warrior on the pec fighting to bring harmony between man and the land (and the spiritual world. This is represented by the Hawaiian symbol lō kahi, surrounded by a sun for joy and eternity).
Embracing this way will bring freedom and prosperity (the manta, the coconut leaves and the fish).

The lizard on the back of the shoulder and the two tiki are there to bring protection and good luck.

Prepared for James.

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finally the book to understand and create Polynesian tattoos!

Now I know what my next tattoo will look like! Thank you! - Jon, Shangai

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