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Hope tattoo photo
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Piece, part

February 10th, 2015
  Author: GiErre

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Hope is a Marquesan word meaning "piece, part", chosen because this Marquesan styled armband is just a part of the life of Daniele, who requested this tattoo, and because it is an integration to an existing half sleeve tattoo.

In it, among the elements that were used there are a lizard and the symbol for breath to represent health, a flower with seven petals representing a person loved by the gods and shark teeth for protection.
Other protective symbols are a tiki and the all seeing eye while the manta symbolizes freedom and voyages.

The zodiac leo sign was recreated using waves.

MANA ATUA - Maori lizard tattoo hoodieMANA ATUA - Maori lizard tattoo hoodieMaori design by TattooTribes
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lizard breath tiki manta flower star shark teeth pincher dog travels protection health luck freedom

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MANA ATUA - Maori lizard tattoo tshirtMANA ATUA - Maori lizard tattoo tshirtMaori design by TattooTribes
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