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Balance tattoo photo
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November 3rd, 2015
  Author: GiErre

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In this half sleeve tattoo requested by Ron we recreated a yin yang on the shoulder representing the two balancing halves of his life: family on one side (the turtle) and work on the other (the hammerhead shark).
A sun surrounds them both to symbolize success, positivity and protection.

Below, along the center of simmetry, a Marquesan cross supported by a warrior represents the balance reached (with the maorigrams of his daughters´ initials on its sides) while the all-seeing eye at the base is a protective symbol, like the two tiki on the sides.

Farer to the sides there are four rows of different elements: braid (union) and chasing birds (help to the loved ones, voyages) on the left, fish (abundance) and spear heads (the warrior, strength) on the right.

Among the other elements, coconut leaves are for prosperity while the lizard is a wish for good luck and health and it includes symbols for family and friends.

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yin yang tao turtle hammerhead shark lizard sun tiki braid birds fish balance family work union tenacity protection wealth warrior friends

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