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Tattoo of Blooming

Mehndi & Maori

by GiErre »
2022, Jun 16th
HI-RES [jpg]


The look of this intricate Maori and Mehndi styled tattoo that follows Natalya´s spine becomes lighter from bottom to top to represent a path toward harmony (the row of birds at the bottom symbolizes voyage, and the shark teeth adaptability and strength).
The puhoro above them shows a difficult path that led to achievements, with mountains above to symbolize a turning point (they also shape a sun for joy and positivity).

Going up, the hammerhead shark motif is for tenacity and strength, leading to the koru (new start) protected by the dog-tooth pattern.

The Mehndi styled elements show a blooming, a new positivity and growth, and the unalome on top symbolizes the path to enlightenment.
The lotus flower around it represents perfection, and the birds on top symbolize freedom and a higher perspective.

The colored image below helps identifying the main elements within the tattoo:
Maori and Mehndi feminine tattoo for the
back of the spine


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