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Tattoo of ´avei´a


by GiErre »
2023, Mar 16th
HI-RES [jpg]


This Polynesian full sleeve and pec tattoo was prepared for Jackie and it relates to the important things in his life.

The manta on the pec, with a flower of hibiscus inside (beauty and femininity) represents his daughter, with a compass identifying her as a fixed point, a standing reference in his life, and the sun being a symbol of joy and eternity.

Waves are prominent throughout the whole design, both as standalone symbols and as part of other elements, like the manta, the shark, and the lizard, to recall his love for diving and the adaptability of water.

The hammerhead shark and the spearheads represent the warrior who faces every challenge with tenacity and determination (the path of Kamehameha), while the flight of the albatross and the birds represent a long voyage and a safe return.

The turtle represents family, protected by the shark, with him on the shell supporting his wife and daughter, giving them all he can to bring union and harmony to the family.

The ´aso (rafters) and the net symbolize community, while ancestors guard from above joining shoulder and pec and representing continuity.
The valleys and people on the forearm part represent two different aspects, standing apart but also being comfortable around people, who are always present in Jackie´s life.

The four tiki protect his family and freedom, aided by the lizard that unmasks dangers, and the all-seeing eye that keeps evil away.

Fish and coconut leaves are for prosperity, and mountains for stability.

The stepping stones at the wrist represent all that he´s learnt and achieved in life.

The colored image below shows the main elements within the tattoo:
Polynesian full sleeve and pec tattoo


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