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Tattoo of Aotūroa


by GiErre »
2013, Apr 23rd
HI-RES [jpg]


Izabela requested this tattoo of a manta representing her love for nature, symbolized also by the addition of some pastel coloured elements.

The manta represents her (it symbolizes beauty, elegance and freedom) and there is a smaller manta in its center to represent her mother (with a letter A in the middle) and how central their friendship is (the A is surrounded by a sun to symbolize joy, positivity and eternity).

Just below the A there is a warrior, to give her the strength and tenacity she looks for, and just below it we drew friends always supporting her.
The tail itself is made of spear heads as a symbol of strength and courage.

Inside the left wing of the manta we included some symbols showing her love for nature: the endangered kakapo parrot for the animal world, in green, next to a Marquesan cross representing balance and union of the elements, whereas two frangipani flowers representing beauty and shelter were added to symbolize the vegetal world.
Similarly the two rows of birds and fish represent animals of the air and of water (birds also symbolize help and watching the world from a different perspective whereas fish are symbols of prosperity) and are laid in a way that shapes the hammerhead shark motif (tenacity and determination, but sociality as well).

Waves inside the right wing of the manta represent the sea, changes, and we added a dolphin to symbolize how every change should be faced with adaptability (the octopus tentacle and shark teeth) but without forgetting joy.
The wings of the kakapo are made of a Ti leaf, symbolizing blessing.

A new part was added after the final positioning to improve its integration onto the shoulders: Final photo


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