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Whakatatara tattoo photo
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To challenge

July 18th, 2015
  Author: GiErre

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Goran requested this half sleeve tattoo where the central part is represented by avwarrior mask, with its tongue stretched out as a challenge and the hammerhead shark motif to indicate tenacity and determination.

Prominent just below, the all-seeing eye is a symbol of protection against evil, like the two tiki at the sides of the armband.

The motif on top represents ancestors guarding from above while the spear heads closing the tattoo on the lower end symbolize courage and strength.

Other elements represent fertility (the ipu), balance (the Marquesan cross), adaptability (shark teeth).

MANA ATUA - white mugMANA ATUA - white mugMaori design by TattooTribes
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warrior mask all seeing eye tiki spearheads ipu marquesan cross honu strength courage tenacy determination protection family fertility balance

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MANA ATUA - white mugMANA ATUA - white mugMaori design by TattooTribes
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