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Tattoo of Kote'e


by GiErre »
2021, Jul 12th
HI-RES [jpg]


Stefan liked the look of The Rock´s tattoo (who doesn´t? It´s an amazing piece) but instead of copying it, he rightly decided to have a similar one telling his own story instead, as it should always be.

His father and mother are central to honor them (the two ipu below them symbolize parents, ancestors).
They gave him prosperity (the pool of Kena) and freedom (the manta).
The all-seeing eye above and the tiki below them represent protection.

The row of flies and the moray eel in the past symbolize adversities faced with fighting spirit (the centipede and Kena, the hero and leader), to become stronger (the spearheads and shark teeth).
The uplifted tiki arms symbolize growth.

This eventually led to a voyage (the bird), making changes (the waves, bigger at the beginning and than smaller while he kept learning).
The stepping stones go from smaller to bigger instead, to symbolize his achievements growing over time, and the seven petals flower symbolizes someone dear to the gods.
The coconut leaves on the pec symbolize prosperity in his future, with the Marquesan cross to symbolize harmony and balance.
Prosperity is also represented by the bonito tail on the arm part while the lizard is for health and good luck.
The turtle symbolizes voyages and family.

Friends are important too; they are in the center below the parents and on the arm, always present, with the ponapona motif to represent loyalty and unity.

Stepping stones are also at the base to symbolize all that he learnt, which he built his new life upon.

The colored legenda below helps identifying the individual elements within the design:
The Rock style Marquesan half sleeve tattoo


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I have skimmed through the book and become so very interested in the contents... Very good and suitable for a self-education in Tattoo-ology! - Anne, London

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