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Whai repo tattoo photo
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Whai repo
Eagle ray

October 27th, 2022
  Author: GiErre

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This Polynesian manta tattoo was designed for the upper back of Francesca, with a central turtle flanked and protected by a dolphin and a hammerhead shark.

The dolphin represents the joy she feels near water, and the hammerhead shark is a symbol of her tenacity and strength facing every challenge.
The spearheads are another symbol for the warrior and the ahuahu o Mataora with the puhoro motif represent the skills and tenacity to face each step toward success (the sun enclosing the central part, while a second sun around the turtle is for joy).

Waves represent the ocean, but also changes, and the stepping stones next to them, getting bigger as they go upwards, symbolize her achievements, growing bigger over time.

The two tiki on the tips of the wings bring protection form all directions and the Marquesan cross is a symbol of balance and harmony.

The colored legenda below helps identifying the main elements within the tattoo:
Polynesian manta ray tattoo for upper

Ohana manta tshirtOhana manta tshirtPolynesian design by TattooTribes
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manta turtle dolphin tiki ahuahu o Mataora puhoro waves stepping stones sun spearheads family water warrior success tenacity strength joy balance francesca

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