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Aztec star tattoo photo
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Aztec star
Sun, union

February 2nd, 2008
  Author: picchio

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Ancient Mesoamerican populations, such as Aztecs, used the eight-pointed star to represent the sun, identified by the god Tonatiuh. Like in many mythologies, in Aztec beliefs too the sun was thought to burn in fire at sunset in order to grow young again on the following day.

This design was requested by Simone.

The pattern in the middle represents meeting, union.

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aztec star inca mayan precolumbian sun tonatiuh Simone

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  hi i´m mexican and actually my name is Tonatiuh, so i goggled my name and found this page, which is a great page ´cause since a few years i want a tattoo related with my name... this tattoo based on the aztec god of the sun is terrific, i liked it, but i would like to see the tonatiuh face or at least one of his eyes on a tribal tattoo... 
  by Roy Tonatiuh Castillo, Mexico City
 im gonna get dis gone! on my nack n a bit of my neck! 
  by HawK
 Hi buddy I love the design of this tatto is the reason why i elected for my first tattoo, I wanted to make a tattoo since 2002 but I didnt before because I was worry for the pain, but two days ago i realised that its not really painful, I LOVE MY TATTOO and Im going to make another with my full name in my arm but maybe next year not now, thanks for the ARTWORK i love this webpage and you guys!XOXO 
  by Orlando Silva Palma, Trujillo - Peru
 i love it !!!!!!! 
  by kate
 Love it getting next week 
  by Steve m
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