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Tattoo of Kaiwhakaako


by GiErre »
2017, Jun 13th
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This half sleeve tattoo was prepared for Jerome, father and teacher.
Family, central, is represented by the turtle while his pupils are represented by the row of enata accompanied along their voyage towards knowledge.

Inside the turtle a couple and a stylized twist, a braid and flax leaves symbolize union and love, with the names of his children inserted in the front flippers as maorigrams.

The Marquesan cross within the sun symbolizes balance and joy, hard to reach (they are surrounded by a path of Kamehameha, a path full of challenges), which can be found through knowledge (the standing stones at the base and the manta above it).

This voyage needs tenacity and strength (the row of spear heads) and adaptability (the rows of shark teeth).

The all seeing eye on the back symbolizes protection from evil (like the two tiki meeting around the arm and the ones on the manta) and on the front a mere, a canoe and the hammerhead shark motif symbolize respect, leadership, tenacity, adventure and cooperation. Fish and coconut leaves are for prosperity.

The ani ata motif encircling the shoulder is symbolic of traditions and ancestors guarding upon family.

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