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Mau te rongo tattoo photo
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Mau te rongo
To be in peace

September 26th, 2017
  Author: GiErre

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This tattoo was prepared for Ian and it has elements related to his life on the arm and shoulder, and to his family on the pec.

The protector tiki on the shoulder, surrounded by ancestors, represents Ian´s father, looking upon the family.
The band part includes Ian´s story and the adversities he fought and conquered along the way.

The part on the pec includes a turtle representing his family, with a maorigram close to it including the initials of the family members.
The symbols used represent protection (tiki hands), union (the braid), importance (the star) and prosperity (coconut leaves), beauty (the hibiscus flower) and eternal love (the sea shell and the twist).

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extended sleeve pec tattoo tiki turtle sun moray eels spear heads hibiscus flower star family protection father unity union joy beauty

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