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Balancing karma tattoo photo
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Balancing karma
Shadow and light

October 28th, 2008
  Author: GiErre

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In this design we wanted to symbolize the idea of karma balancing. From a "cloudy" period, the sun is coming back, and the two opposite spirals of the cherry branch represent this inversion. To the serene part correspond the balance between opposites, fire and water, yin and yang.

Cherry flowers represent getting totally involved in every activity, playing the game of life fully, without fears.

Ideal for this tattoo would be a shaded colouring.

Inspired by a request from Magda.

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karma balance yin yang cherry flowers blossoms water fire baby chain clouds sun life future passion

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 Amazing - it has every element I´ve been looking for. Will add butterflies from "asian-butterfly-flowers" to this. Going on my forearm! 
  by mojogurl
 this tattoo is beautiful. i was wondering if someone could explain the meaning of it a little better though. 
  by sky
 There´s more than we wrote, yes... the chain, the newborn baby in the center and the cherry flowers all have meanings related to Magda´s life. 
  by picchio
 this is beyond beautiful<3 
  by agi
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